Stefan Edberg takes back his racquet

For nearly 20 years, Stefan Edberg is retired but he puts his feet again on the lawn of professional tennis as a personal coach of Roger Federer. For those who don’t know him, know that he had his moments of glory on the ATP Tour. He even was victorious of the Grand Slam, the most prominent tennis tournament that every keen of online bets follow closely. Having abandoned professional tennis in 1996, Stefan Edberg feels certainly nostalgic to decide to get back on the lawn alongside one of the current tennis star, Roger Federer.

Certainly, he had failures, as against Daniel Nestor in the Davis Cup of 1992, but he has still been the world leader his time and has never retreated in front of Glenn Michibata, Chris Pridham, Andrew Sznajder nor to other players. Edberg is also known for his victories in six Grand Slam tournaments. Earlier this year, he joined Federer to support his coach staff member. If it’s all his talent that he transfers in this current international tennis prodigy, nothing can beat Federer either on land or in terms of mobile free bets predictions.