Rafael Nadal emerged victorious in a suspense-filled battle – ATP 500 Hamburg

Rafael Nadal is giving ensurance to sports betting fans by winning the ATP 500 Hamburg. Nadal actually dethroned Italy’s Fabio Fognini in a 7-5, 7-5 set. It has been a clash of exception during which both athletes worked their peak efforts out. Indeed, the game was marked by a series of break but it was Nadal who made the biggest different when it came to an end. With this win, he puts another trophy next to the one he claimed in the Rolland-Garros (France) in 2014. From the start to the first break, Fabio managed to tie the game after a relatively compromising poor start.

Fabio Fognini dominated the exchanges in the first set as some online betting fans predicted. However, he gradually lost control of the game despite saving two set points. Fabio tried his best to stand ahead in the second set and saved three set points in the second half. On the other side of the tennis court, Spain’s Nadal stood up strong despite five unsuccessful serves. Besides, he successfully held his opponent to a break seven times. Some minutes prior to the end, Fabio Fognini scored two set points for a 5-4 lead but eventually bowed to Rafael Nadal folling another broken serve. With this hard-fought victory, Nadal won his 67th career title. It took him two hours and 33 minutes to beat Fabio Fognini in the red clay in Hamburg.