Murray lost at home – Masters of London 2014

Decidedly, Roger Federer, a real pet on online betting sites at each of his match, is an exceptional player. On Thursday, this Switzerland’s native, that some already consider as at the end of his career, struck down Andy Murray in a Group A match of the Masters of London (6-0, 6-1). In less than one hour, Federer made a great demonstration face to Murray. The latter seemed to have lost his faculties and power so his performance was disappointing. Ditto for his service with only 37% success rate.

Andy Murray failed to transcend, unable to contain the onslaught of his opponent. Federer’s will to win this battle was very evident. Murray should win the match in two sets against the Swiss to get his ticket to the semis-finals of the Masters 2014. This has not been the case. In that game, which was followed by many fans of betting sign up bonus, we could see a very confident Federer on one side and on the other, a tense and unrecognizable Murray.