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The longest tie-break ever – ATP World Tour Washington DC

The ATP World Tour never ceases to amaze tennis lovers in recent days. Wednesday, almost all online sports betting sites talked about the downfall of World No.3 (single rankings) Andy Murray. The same day was also marked by a new record, the longest doubles tie-break ever made in the history of tennis. Those are news that recently owned a special page on numbers of online betting platforms. Actually, Andy Murray did not make betting regulars happy as he is used to at the ATP World Tour Washington DC. Numerous were the bettors who saw their choice trampled Wednesday night as Murray bowed to the World No.53, the Russian tennis player “Teymuraz Gabashvili”.

The double tie-break record remains the highlight of the event. This is the kind of tennis game online betting enthusiasts love given its super attractive odds. Indeed, the 25/23 tie-break that saw the USA (Nick Monroe and Austin Krajicek) defeated by Columbia (Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah) has just entered into the tennis history. It is a fact that few bettors are used to wagering on such a score result, but those who saw their bets matched in this game did cash a great amount of money.

Olympique Lyonnais’s fate hardly reassuring – France Football Ligue 1

Bettors are eagerly waiting the day when the “Olympique Lyonnais” makes its way to the upcoming Ligue 1 season. Almost every online sports betting sites now features a portal on which visiting gamblers can note how big the chance of the OL is in the Ligue 1. Numerous are those who look forwards to a confirmation from Alexandre Lacazette and his men following their underperformance in the previous season. During the offseason, OL sealed only one win for five losses, with fourteen goals conceded and two goals scored. In short, both tipsters and bettors see nothing promising made by the team.

For now, most game predictions analysts are waiting for the first results of the OL in the Ligue 1 before setting up another probability scheme for the next Champions League. Any way, the Olympique Lyonnais boasts some potential assets with which it could claim back its peak shape to the upcoming national championship. President Jean-Michel Aulas said he was satisfied with the results of the team in the previous season, an additional reason prompting him not to trade OL’s most talented players. With Jérémy Morel of Marseille, Rafael of Guingamp and Manchester United’s Claudio Beauvue joining the squad, it is highly believed that the team will make a real difference this year, online bet on football will certainly increase once again this year. After all, the OL management board is considering to make further reinforcements after the first match-up in the eargerly-waiting Ligue 1.

Spend less and earn more in online betting

The purpose of an experienced sports betting player is to win the more without spending too much money. You just need to be a little clever to achieve such a goal. First, you have to play with passion. In this way, you will be more persevering. However, be careful to not fall into the trap of pathology. Secondly, it is necessary to monitor the sports news on the discipline on which we want to play. Those who want to make sports online games on the Champions League for example must learn about qualifying matches made by competitors in this competition. It is also essential to know creating a chart showing the possible scenarios during a game.

And when you will launch the bet, do not be impulsive. Instead, you should act with due by taking into account all the facts and established analysis. Regarding the amount of bets, it belongs to each player to make the right decision according to the available budget. Certainly, we can not afford to bet a huge amount. But that does not mean we should be greedy and bet small amounts. Finally, it is also important to use the sports betting bonus sign up and enjoy all the promotions launched by betting site.

Stefan Edberg takes back his racquet

For nearly 20 years, Stefan Edberg is retired but he puts his feet again on the lawn of professional tennis as a personal coach of Roger Federer. For those who don’t know him, know that he had his moments of glory on the ATP Tour. He even was victorious of the Grand Slam, the most prominent tennis tournament that every keen of online bets follow closely. Having abandoned professional tennis in 1996, Stefan Edberg feels certainly nostalgic to decide to get back on the lawn alongside one of the current tennis star, Roger Federer.

Certainly, he had failures, as against Daniel Nestor in the Davis Cup of 1992, but he has still been the world leader his time and has never retreated in front of Glenn Michibata, Chris Pridham, Andrew Sznajder nor to other players. Edberg is also known for his victories in six Grand Slam tournaments. Earlier this year, he joined Federer to support his coach staff member. If it’s all his talent that he transfers in this current international tennis prodigy, nothing can beat Federer either on land or in terms of mobile free bets predictions.

The GP of Mexico from 2015 – Formula 1

The season 2015 of Formula 1 is extending with the introduction of the Mexico Grand Prix in the championship. The local press has already announced that F1 drivers will see Mexico next year and this for five years. This novelty won’t therefore fail to cause a small change on auto racing sports betting for the coming years. The Grand Prix of Mexico will finally join the Formula 1 calendar in 2015, after 23 years of waiting. So it’s not just the shareholders who will be delighted with this great news. F1 drivers will finally run a Grand Prix on the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack in Mexico City.

Furthermore, betting sign up bonus lovers will be able to extend their passion on a new track. Indeed, Mexico was withdrawn in the F1 calendar in 1992, and since this date, the drivers as Mexicans awaited anxiously this moment when the F1 cars will run again on their land. The program will resume after the 2014 season, it was signed for at least five years, that is to say, until 2019, probably as a test.