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Bulls routed Clippers 105-89 – NBA

Both Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol were out due to injury, but Jimmy Butler rallied to offer Chicago Bulls a 105-89 away win over Los Angeles Clippers Monday night at Staple Center. This Bulls Vs Clippers game beat the previous record of last week as the most-wagered clash on online bets nba platforms. Joakim Noah and Co dominated the whole Clippers, both defensively and offensively. Joakim performed fairly well in this game: he scored 16 points (5 out of 8 shots), got16 rebounds and distributed 6 assists.

Overall, the Bulls delivered a marvelous performance facing a super motivated L.A.C and their massive crowd of supporters. While Chicago missed 8 valuable shots in attack, six of its players averaged 10 points; Jimmy Butler is ranked ahead with 22 points, Taj Gibson scores 20 points and Dunleavy has 19. As for the Clippers, their shooting performance has been pathetic. Forward Blake Griffin is among them. Any way, this star of nba live bets pulled down 10 rebounds and materialized 7 shots out of 15 attempts.

The Dolphins did the essential – NFL – 11th Day

By winning its game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday (22-9), the Miami Dolphins have done the essential in this clash between AFC East division franchises. The performance of the Floridians was not at all fantastic. For its fans as for the many betting fans who wagered on the Floridians, it is the victory that counts. New Yorkers could not do much in front of the strength of the defense of the Dolphins. They conceded only kicking.

However, the Dolphins, although well rated in betting odds, had some fear at some period of the match especially when their quarterback Ryan Tannehil lost two balls. And thanks to the kick returned by Jarvis Landry, the Dolphins were able to catch up. The tandem between the two men was then successful during the second touchdown of Miami (one from 8 yards). Tannehill concluded the meeting with 240 yards, two touchdown passes while Kyle Orton Bills has completed 22 passes on 39 for 193 yards.

Dirk Nowitzki in the Top 10 – NBA-leading scorer

German international player, Dirk Nowitzki, one of the favorite basketball players by fans of online betting offers, entered in the legend since Wednesday. During the match between his team, Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings, won by the Mavericks (106-98), the giant German scored 23 points, 7 of 12 successful shots and he accumulates 3 assists. Following this meeting, Nowitzki became the ninth leading scorer in the NBA history.

He is the first born outside the United States since he surpassed Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon (native of Nigeria before becoming a US citizen). The German now has 26,953 points against 26,946 for Olajuwon. The star of floor and online bets nba hope to go back to the sixth place, owned by Shaquille O’Neal (28,596). To get there, Dirk will have to play all season. During the duel, the Mavericks showed good ingenuity. In the first quarter, they were conducted (14-32).

Qatar ready to help the CAF – African Cup of Nations 2015

For many observers, this attitude of Qatar referred to another target even more important than the CAN, a competition that many enthusiasts of betting deposit bonus is looking forward. After having refused initially to accommodate the ACN 2015, which seeks an organizer, Qatar has changed his mind and said it was “ready to help” the CAF. An African Cup of Nations organized in this rich Gulf country would be a good publicity for the World Cup 2022, organized by the Qatar itself. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, President of the Federation stepped up the plate by defending this perspective.

Apparently, the country could benefit from this difficulty of the CAF to find a solution to this thorny problem of the future host of the CAN 2015, appointment of the stars of African football often subject of online sports betting. For now, the entity he heads was not received officially by the CAF. For the record, recall that Qatar had already organized in 1995 the Youth World Cup of less than 20 years after the withdrawal of Nigeria hit by cholera at the time.

Murray lost at home – Masters of London 2014

Decidedly, Roger Federer, a real pet on online betting sites at each of his match, is an exceptional player. On Thursday, this Switzerland’s native, that some already consider as at the end of his career, struck down Andy Murray in a Group A match of the Masters of London (6-0, 6-1). In less than one hour, Federer made a great demonstration face to Murray. The latter seemed to have lost his faculties and power so his performance was disappointing. Ditto for his service with only 37% success rate.

Andy Murray failed to transcend, unable to contain the onslaught of his opponent. Federer’s will to win this battle was very evident. Murray should win the match in two sets against the Swiss to get his ticket to the semis-finals of the Masters 2014. This has not been the case. In that game, which was followed by many fans of betting sign up bonus, we could see a very confident Federer on one side and on the other, a tense and unrecognizable Murray.