A “Mayweather Vs Berto” face-off of exception on September 12 – Welterweight Boxing

The defending welterweight world champion Floyd Mayweather announced early this week that he chose the current WBA champion “Andre Berto” as a rival on September 12’s final fight. Few minutes after the announcement, many bookmakers included articles about the clash on their online sports betting platforms. This face-off will be the one and last fight Floyd Mayweather will be going to put himself in a challenge for his 19-year boxing career. Besides, the clash promises to be a second-to-none one with Berto entering the ring as a challenger. Berto will actually be the 49th man to challenge the welterweight champion in his caterory. Recall that all the 48 boxers facing Mayweather failed to knock the man down.

In his résumé, the 38 years-old welterweight boxing star Mayweather now has 48 wins, 0 loss and 26 knockouts. It’s a pretty inspiring achievement to which his eventual rival is supposed to put an end at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. Speaking of Andre Berto, his résumé actually includes 30 wins, 3 losses and 23 knockouts. In every single online sports betting site, the odds are leaning on Berto’s victory. Anyway, his latest result saw three wins and three defeats for six fights. Many fans of online sports betting estimate that beating Andre Berto would be an easy game for Floyd Mayweather. In the meantime, the online betting menu is endowed with a wide variety of championships that bettors can wager on.